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Asphalt and Bitumen West Company

Asphalt and Bitumen West Company, the foremost pioneer manufacturer of bitumen emulsion and cutback bitumen in western Iran, is indeed one of the current leading bitumen suppliers in Middle East with WEST BITUMEN commercial brand.
The factory is launched through cooperation with the French L.T.A Company in Bistoon industrial park in Kermanshah and has come into operation since 2011 with a potential production capacity of 100,000 tons a year.
One of the headmost assets acquired by the company is exporting bitumen emulsion and MC30, MC70 and MC3000 cutback bitumen special grades to global markets for the first time in Iran.
The company also holds an extensive record of road construction and road maintenance subsequent to its directors’ enduring experience as former major managers in Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. Together with exceeding 30 regional representatives and expert executing staff, the company has succeeded in maintaining a large scale of country’s road network –approaching 4000 KMs of in recent years- by applying protective asphalt coats including –but not limited to-: fog seal, seal coat, surface asphalt and chip seal as either an executor or a contractor.

Manufacturing Factory:
Asphalt and Bitumen West Company’s factory site located in Bistoon industrial park in Kermanshah was constructed in 2007. After purchasing and importing advanced machinery from French L.T.A Company for bitumen emulsion and cutback bitumen manufacturing, the complex came into operation in 2011 with 20,000 m2 area and over 2000 m2 substructure and an annual production capacity of 100,000 MT.
The factory is to be developed for manufacturing penetration and polymer bitumen.