Asphalt & Bitumen West Co .

Laboratory & Quality Control

Asphalt and Bitumen West Company laboratory is under the direction of well qualified and experienced staff, and possesses absolutely modern and high-tech requisite equipment -in accordance with the latest global technologies- to test all types of bitumen. In 2016, the laboratory achieved the invaluable ISO 17025 certificate and at the present time, is one of very few laboratories in Iran certified for testing bitumen emulsion and cutback bitumen. Based on a settled program, raw material and final product analyses are controlled in this laboratory and any deviation from specifications and standards would be warned, subsequently resulting in enhancing the quality of products and optimizing the production costs. It is also worth mentioning the laboratory is now collaborating with the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and other international inspection companies and is eager to cooperate with all active companies in bitumen inspection, production and export fields.