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Bitumen Emulsion Sales

Bitumen Emulsion Sales

Bitumen emulsion is a bitumen and water mixture in which 1 to 10-micron bitumen particles float in water. Bitumen emulsions are comprised of 55 to 65% bitumen and 35 to 45% water.

Bitumen emulsions cure after contact with rock materials, a thin layer of bitumen covers the aggregate surface, and the water evaporates or flows. Bitumen emulsions usually do not require heating for use and are superior to other bitumen in terms of cost and safety. The bitumen emulsion’s color change from brown to black signifies its curing. 

Bitumen emulsions are the most suitable and economical replacements for cutback bitumen due to the following reasons:

1. The energy consumed for heating bitumen emulsions is tangibly lower than cutback bitumen.

2. Regarding environmental pollution, unlike the evaporation and sublimation of cutback bitumen's petroleum solvents and their environmental emission, only the water content of bitumen emulsions evaporates, which is environmentally significant.

3. In the ongoing energy crisis, the cost of petroleum solvents present in cutback bitumen (approx. 25 weight percent) is significantly higher than the emulsifier (approx. 0.5%) in bitumen emulsions.

4. In terms of bitumen emulsion barrel storage time, this product can be stored for several months conditioned on taking all cautionary measures to prevent their curing.

Factors which can lead to premature bitumen emulsion curing include the following:

- Cold and frost

- Accidental introduction of rock materials or chemicals, or mixing two emulsions with opposing particle charges

Under normal conditions, bitumen and water are immiscible due to their chemical properties and are separated by their different densities. They can, however, be mixed with an emulsifier in a way that makes the bitumen float inside water in fine particles.

If you intend to purchase bitumen emulsion, note that this company offers bitumen emulsion in the Iranian commodity exchange, and sales are made in the exchange’s competitive price.

Another feature of bitumen emulsions is lower environmental pollution compared to other liquid bitumen.

Bitumen emulsions are used for producing cold-mix asphalt, chip seal, fog seal, seal coating, and various asphalt seal coats, and they are also widely used in road construction and maintenance. Another reason for using this liquid bitumen is its lower cost compared to other cutback bitumen. In terms of electrical charge, bitumen emulsions can be divided into three categories.

- Cationic:

Organic compounds, ammonium salts or amine emulsifiers give the bitumen aggregate surface a positive charge. These bitumen emulsions are called cationic and are of three types, namely slow-curing, medium-curing, and rapid-curing.

- Anionic:

Alkaline salt and organic acid emulsifiers give the bitumen aggregate surface a negative charge. These bitumen emulsions are called anionic and are of three types, namely slow-curing, medium-curing, and rapid-curing.

- Nonionic:

This company’s bitumen emulsion products are cationic, which are currently used across Iran for road construction and maintenance.

The company is ready to provide counseling and training for users and engineers regarding the use of various bitumen emulsions.

For information regarding domestic and overseas product pricing, visit the company website's relevant section.

This company is the main producer of liquid bitumen in Iran and currently sells its products to destination ports in Africa and Asia with competitive prices and the highest quality.


The products of the West Bitumen and Asphalt Engineering Co. are certified by the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center of the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO17025. It is also an Iran Standards Institute partner.

The most important reason for this company’s success in gaining global markets is its diverse liquid emulsions, which are delivered after palletization and shrink wrapping.

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