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Why Emulsion bitumen?

Why Emulsion bitumen?

Why Emulsion bitumen?

All the road construction and maintenance properties provided by cutback bitumen are also available in Emulsion bitumen. Emulsion bitumen also have wide-ranging applications and better performance than cutback bitumen.

Emulsion bitumen Selection Criteria: Bitumen type should be selected carefully and its usage should be clarified to users. Evidently, Emulsion bitumen differ from cutback bitumen in applications, which necessitates training and obtaining sufficient knowledge of its function.

Some users equate Emulsion bitumen to cutback bitumen and encounter problems by failing to observe their specific usage method.

It is, therefore, necessary to train users, supervisors, and contractors on the use of Emulsion bitumen. Users of Emulsion bitumen are advised to consult the factory for the necessary guidance on its transport, storage, and application. The following report mentions some of the factors affecting the Emulsion bitumen selection.

1. Environmental conditions: Although it is environmentally imperative to choose Emulsion bitumen in all circumstances, it is further stressed in areas with human, plant, and animal presence.

2. Due to the use of water for bitumen dilution instead of petroleum solvents in cutback bitumen, they achieve better application quality and adhesion to rock materials.

3. The curing time variety of bitumen means that selecting the suitable bitumen type by usage will result in better conditions. For instance, using the CRS Emulsion bitumen for tack coat in asphalt pavement during traffic will make vehicle movement safer due to its rapid curing rate.

4. Emulsion bitumen can be used easily with wet rock materials and cause no problems in achieving a suitable quality. Clearly, using this bitumen type is not recommended in rainstorms.