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purchase export bitumen from mercantile (commodity) exchange

purchase export bitumen from mercantile (commodity) exchange

Asphalt and Bitumen West Company offers its products on the mercantile exchange to sell them. The buyers can buy export bitumen from the mercantile exchange by visiting the Iran Mercantile Exchange. In order to buy bitumen from the mercantile exchange or any other activities in the mercantile exchange, they have to register and receive the exchange code at first. To receive an exchange code doesn't cost you anything at all. Receiving an exchange code takes you one day at least. To receive the code, the buyer should visit a brokerage company and fill out the required forms, and submit your supporting documents to them. The required documents for legal entities are a copy of the national identity card and the identity card (the birth certificate) of the chief executive officer and the last official newspaper ads. After getting your code, you'll be known as a member of the exchange company. In order to buy export bitumen from the mercantile exchange, you have to fill out your purchase requisition form and give it to the chosen brokerage.

The specific transaction code of the commodity group has been defined to purchase and sell a specific commodity and whoever has this code is allowed to buy a particular commodity between all the registered ones and from that special commodity group; under the condition that there are no announced restrictions. This company acts out to the production of different types of emulsified and the cutback bitumen in Bisotoon industrial town, using technologies and machinery of the French company (L.T.A) that is the composer of the factories of emulsified bitumen, polymerized emulsions, and the cutback bitumen, and based on the 12505 standards of the standards organization, the industrial research, ASTM, AASHTO, and the instruction of the bitumen emulsions use which is the issue of the 207th publication of the Plan and Budget Organization, and the instructions of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

Right now, the products of this company are being sold at the mercantile exchange. This is the first company that produces emulsified bitumens in the country and has succeeded to achieve the technical certification and production qualification from the Road, Housing, and Urban Development. As you know, based on article 17* "on the development of new financial instruments and institutions law in order to facilitate the implementation of the general policies of article 44 of the Constitution", buying from the companies that are the member of the mercantile exchange is based on the trading regulations in exchange and is subject to exchange regulations and also isn't required to inquire, tender or leaving the tender formalities.

*Article 17: Purchase and sale of goods listed on commodity (mercantile) exchanges traded in accordance with the regulations governing those exchanges by ministries, organizations, governmental and public institutions, and executive agencies don't need to hold tenders or auctions and related formalities.

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